Storytelling in education
Pre School
Storytelling is a place of safety.
​It encourages parents to not only read stories, but to tell them and to engage
in the story. At this age, enthusiasum for story is so important.
The kind of stories I use encourage involvement and laughter, they have repeating patterns, songs and rhythm of sounds  through words
and music. Stories such as;
The King who tried to Catch the Moon
The Little Girl Swallowed by a Donkey and
The Small Wee Man (who was only as big as a speck of dust)
Key Stage One
    As for pre school but I broaden the
horizons of the story. I tend to
    choose stories about animals that
    can speak and

    ' How the World Was Made' stories.
     Also good for this age group are
    Trickster Tales, such as Mr Fox,
     and stories that ask much of 
     the protagonist. Many of the tales              establish or echo key moral codes            and values.  
     This age group responds well to                stories that  are both humourous                and slightly frightening.
Key StageTwo
As all teachers know, the developing imagination and appetite for knowledge is at full gallop by this age.
Whether the children have been told stories or not, they will be keen to listen and journey the
If they are experienced listeners already, they will 
be sitting right at my feet 
ready to go!
If they have never 
heard a storyteller before 
then they are in 
for a surprising, involving, 
and imagination- expanding time!
 I call this age group
'The listening loudly gang'! They are so enrapt in the language and imagery of Story, they are simply wonderful to tell to.
I use personal and group dilemma stories such as:
The Land on the Back of the Turtle
The Terrifying Snake who was the 
King's Doctor
Baba Yaga, the Witch with I
ron Teeth
( who loves to eat children)
Key Stage 3
For years 7 & 8, I often work on very specific projects connected to course work or themed studies. 
For this age group I am also often asked to use story to develop self esteem , group co-operation and co-operative values.
I belong to a group of practitioners "1st Question" which works with this age group and years 9 & 10 on personal and group development and
​co-operative values.
Please go to LINKS page and look for 1st Question
Full day's storytelling  £375
(up to 6 sessions) from Autumn term 2023

Half day's storytelling £250
(up to 3 sessions)

Assemblies £95
Wherever possible I can fit an Assembly into your Whole day with no extra charge.​

Travel Costs. For work in East Anglia; I charge a maximum  of £25
typical Charges:
Norfolk £0-£10​ depending. Norfolks a big county!
​Suffolk £15- £20
Essex ​​£20-25
Cambridgeshire £​15-£20
Sussex/Kent/Northants £30-£40