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​​​A calendar oevents with PaulJackson
  ​£350 per full day.​​ (£235 half day)

​​​​​last updated 23rd January 2018

Jan 4th~9th Book Illustration for History Press
Jan 10th~Book Illustration for Rosie Andersen​
Jan 10th~15th Hare Sculpture Professor HareNorwich Sculpture Tra
Jan~15th~19th Hare Sculpture HollyHareNorwich Sculpture Trail ​​
Jan23rd​~February 7th National Storytelling Week

Pinner  24th, 25th 26th dates TBC
​Jan    30th Aylmerton ww11 52 YR 5     7.30

Fe1st~4th  Professor HareNorwich Sculpture Trail
Feb 15th   LeverettHare Painting​ Alex
Fe17th   Eve Gresham Village Church stories ​
Feb 19th​   Aldborough School Norfolk. African day
Feb  22nd ​​ Aylmerton Coasts 42 YR 5 7 pm
Feb  23rd  Professor Hare  Building Book Case.
Feb  24th  The Lost KeyBook Illustration
Feb  25th  The Lost KeyBookIllustration
Feb  26th ​​​​ The Lost KeyBookIllustration
Feb 28th   Leverett Hare Painting 
Feb 28th
​  Snape  7.30 @ Aylmerton 11 + 2 Yr 5/6 Snowed off

March  1st     Eye School suffolk World book day  Snowed off 
March  2nd​  Sparhawk infant school                       Snowed off
March 5th   2pm~5pm​ SfS board Meeting
March6thArden Grove  Infant School Environmental stories all day​
March 6th Glebe  @ Aylmerton 52 + 6 Yr 6          7pm? 7.30pm 
March 9th​    Suffield Park  India                               All day
March13th​  Levirate painting Hickling  
March14th​  Eye School rearranged
March17th   Buckfastleigh: Postponed
March18th​   Buckfastleigh: Postponed
March 20th  Dame Bradbury's Saffron Waldron 3.30~5.15.​ ​
March 21st  Woodbridge Tapas and Tales​ Story Club  Evening 7pm
March 22nd Sacred Heart school Patteson Yr 4 30 +3​   7.30pm

March 30th  Holkham​ Hall Stories in the Yurt
March 31st  Holkham Hall Stories in the Yurt

April 1st Holkham Hall Stories in the Yurt
April 2nd Holkham​​ Hall Stories in the Yurt
April 3rd Rest Day​
April 4th​ Rest Day
April 9th   Sheringham WI
April 14th Southend Story Club ~A Walk on the Wild Side​.
April 24th​​ Ormsby Patts 7pm first group
April 25th St Aubyns AFSC 7.30pm
April 26th Ormsby Patts  7pm second group

May 9th  Rodings AFSC 7.30pm
May 10th​​​​  latymers AFSC 7.30pm
May 19th Linton Book Festival
May 20th Linton Book Festival

July 17th Bards Aloud Story Club Performance​​
July 29th​  Norwich Community Choir.

September 19th~28th Away​
September 29th St Stephens. Norwich community Choir ~Stories and Songs​ Looking through the glass

Oct & Nov:  China:  Storytelling Tour​​

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