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Please note that I am taking bookings for next year.
for Performances. Festivals, schools and in the Community

Bookings 2019​

Jan 12th and 13th​. Stepping into the soul of the story. A two day gentle but intensive workshop for intermediate storytellers wishing to further their practice by looking at and working with the essence of story that exist beyond the words.

​​March 7th   World Book Day Sparhawk
March 9th   The mouse who loved music ​    Gresham
March 10th  Story Workshop Cambridge Storytellers  ​
March ​18th AFSC Aylmerton Village Hall Spaulding Y5 28  7.15 pm
March 20th AFSC Wed 7.30 Beechwood..63  ~ Y4    
March 23rd and 24th ​

April 1st AfSC St Williams YR 4 7.30
April 2nd AfSC Barford  ​YR 3/4 7.30
A​pril 10th AfSC Swallowdale YR 4 7.00pm 
April 12th/13th Storytelling in the Environment ​Paper GEEC
April 19th/20th/21st/22nd Holkham  ML/JK/ MD/PJ​?
April 21st Araminta ​
April 25th Magdalene House​ YR4 7.30  Pattersons
April 27th ​Nayland AFSC  7.30   29~Y4

May 1st AfSC St Aubyns  Y5 7.30pm
May 8th  AfSC​ 7.30
May 9th AFSC​ 7.30
May 16th AFSC 7.30​  59 Yr 6

May 18th DolphinSchoolHurst Berkshire Literary Festival
May 21st  11am~5pm Birmingham  The future of Storytelling.​​

June 12th Filby School All day
June 14th /16th Fabulation Story Festival
June 19th​​  John of Gaunt Infant and Nursery School. All day
June​ 20th  Patts 7.30 With campfire

June 22nd Thorngrove School   Newbury​
June 25th-28th​  West Lodge Pinner london 3 Days
June 30th  Sunday ​
Stutton YR 4/5/6  7.30 pm 20 + 3

July Presentation to East Anglian Storytellers
July 12th Judging Liar's at Cambridge Liars battle.8pm
July 17th London
July 18th AFSC YR 5 & 6  7pm  Aylmerton
July 20th Thetford Forest  River Themed Day​​​​ 10am~3pm
July​ 30th 8pm Houbous camp Storytelling

August ​​29th Yr Woodstone Sch  7.45 pm @ Aylmerton 26 + 3 AFSC

Sept 3rd Lakeland Story Club with Taffy Thomas
Sept 7th  Oxford Storytelling Festival​

Sept 11th  Lyons Hall YR 6  7.30 pm 52 + 6 AFSC
Sept 16th 
Scole YR 5/6 Monday 7.30 pm @ Aylmerton 15 + 2
Sept 17th Roach Vale YR 6  7.30 pm 26 + 3  Patts
Sept 18th St Andrews YR 5 7.30 pm with campfire 25 + 3  AFSC
Sept 19th NIleSwiss Students...

October 8th ​Nicholas Hawksmoor YR5  7.30 AFSC with campfire 65 + 7
October 15th Dame Bradbury's Storytelling 
October 18/19/20 Halsway Manor
Taffy Thomas/ Daniel Morden/ Paul​​ Jackson

Nov 20th Myland YR 6 7.00 pm AFSC 63 + 7


February 10th ​​Festival of Literature Bishop's Stortford College​​​ ​

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