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             Welcome to my Website; Paul Jackson
Here​ you can find out what exhibitions I have coming up in England. Where I am Storytelling next or what Book & Art projects I am working on this winter 2018. There are extensive pages on all my artwork​, storytelling, writing and Illustrating. 

​​​​To help you navigate please either click on the titled pages on the left or point your curser over images. Some of These will lead you through to other areas of interest.

There is also a Guest Book for comments and a dedicated email address; for contacting me. Purchases of my art workcan be made though my email and I make the deliveries myself in Britain and pack pieces for travel abroad. Commissions take between 3~9 months depending on the time of year.



                                                           The Book of 'I'
                                                            by Paul Jackson


Paul  and Rosie Andersen have just completed the next book
​The Lost Key.

An anglo Saxon tale​ for your delight.  
LINK: http//




​​​​​​​​​Hare & Moon Gallery Norfolk
large selection of ceramics​.
​for more information contact;

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Director of the Society for Storytelling   (SFS)
​Member of SCBWI andThe Association of Illustrators​ (AOI) & Norfolk Contemporary Crafts Society
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