Aelfwyn Now published~ This beautiful book is both ideal for children to get lost in the pictures and is a wonderful story to lead you through a forest to the centre where the songs of the trees call and support you as you adventure deeper and deeper into a labyrinth.....
​Watercolour, Pen and ink images greet you from the first page of the book as the story starts to unfold, with washes and subtle effects they gently draw you in to their detailed landscape. 


The books is Called 'Songs of the Trees​'
and takes the reader on a narrative path
that helps
them to find their own inner
 through the character of Aelfwyn.
Beautifully written By Rosie Andersen,
the story draws you in to that deeper
healing space of nature, where our
busy world is left behind and
something much richer is gained.​​

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Limited edition prints
   Studio & Visions
The Dream                     The Journey  
Village on the Hill
All these illustrations are numbered, signed and dated. Each piece of           artwork is £75. They come  mounted on pale cream board and are                wrapped for protection. Please allow £5 for Postage and Packing. 
  All work is copyrighted To
                                           Paul Jackson
        Aelfwyn watercolour
​Limited Edition Prints available
The Mischievous Forest
Here the forest plays tricks on Aelfwyn as she makes her way along  a labyrinths twisting path​.
​Small Limited Edition prints available. £180