This performance flows from magical to amusing, frightening to thought provoking and spans three interconnected stories.

The first story begins with the stealing and hiding of a Selkie skin by a lonely fisherman who makes the Selkie his wife against her will.

This is a traditional beginning to a Selkie story.
In the Performance '​Of Selkies and fishermen' The Stealing of the Skin leads to the retribution in a storm centuries later as an unfolding story crashes like a wave into the lives of the unsuspecting.

What follows is a stepping into the ‘Otherworld’ of the people of the sea and how they view us and what they would do to us, if they could… This is done both in music and sounds before returning to the Oral Tradition in the dramatic finale.

This is a bookable
​2x 45 minute p
erformance. with Illustrations and 
​available for sale.

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