And God said unto Moses;

Lift up thy rod and stretch out thy
Hand over the sea
and divide it​​​
and the children of Israel
shall go on dry land
amidst the sea.​​​
Exodus 14:16​
Made of white earthenware
with lustres, 18ct gold, copper.
​Blue Lustre, orange lustre and mother of Pearl on water and Sea.
!5 inches high
17 inches wide
with Glass case add £90​​​​.

In this study I was interested in the sense of strength within the character of Moses and Aaron.
It has taken me a long time to develop this piece, to find it. I spent a great deal of time researching and in the end was inspired by both the frailty and strength of Moses.. There were a number of exerts from Exodus that brought me to complete the work. ​​

"So the lord spoke face to face
as a man speaks to his friend.​​
Exodus 33:11​