Merlin Shapeshifting Uther Pendragon
Many of my sculptures have intense detail and I use multiple firings in my kiln to achieve a sense of depth to the colours. With Merlin I have applied layers of lustre and mottling effects as well as areas of 9ctGoldand Silver to add to the drama of this piece.  Sold  £1000 Commissions taken
In this study of Merlin, much of the intensity is focussed around his hands.

The Story
                                     Uther Pendragon was the King of Britain and many
                                     nobles, dukes and others of high rank were at his
                                     high court. Among them, the Duke of Cornwall and
                                     his wife, Egraine. Uther fell in love with Egraine. When
                                     the Duke found out, he left the king's court in a fury and
                                     fled back to Cornwall with Egraine pursued by Uther.
                                     There the King lay siege to the duke and his armies.
As for Egraine, she was smuggled out and hidden at Tintagel Castle. Uther pleaded for Merlin's assistance. Merlin having the 'sight', saw that the union between the two would produce the greatest king of Britain (Arthur). So, using his great powers he shapeshifted the likeness of Uther into the features of the Duke. Uther rode to Tintagel. Whether Egraine was fooled by this magic, we will never know, but Arthur was about to come into the world!
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