Faerie Houses
When I began sculpting back in 1975, I started with faerie houses and then abodes for the elves and goblins, which became whole villages, forest towns and even goblin cites! However I still love to craft the single house, making many of them detailed and individual. Each year new houses appear from the simplewhite thatched cottagesto such houses as the 'Harebell Curler House' made for the Curler folk of the northern moors.Many of the houses like the 'Curler's House' have stories attached to them. 
Sweet Pea Faerie House                                                                    
9cm high9ct goldchimney   £65

Lords and Ladies Abode with tiny windows and morning toadstools for the early risers!
10cm high   onglazes£85 SOLD
Seashell House of the Whispering Sea
for 'Them's that went abroad to seek their fortune'!                            12cm high

Mother of Pearl 9ct gold               £110

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Foxglove Faerie House
​for bee visits on sunny days and for great views over the meadow from the attic windows on the other days
12 cm high

Onglazes   9ct gold £95   Sold
Commissions £65-145 for foxglove peices​