Book Covers PublishedIntroduction to Storytelling 
By History Press launch June 9th 2018​
The Book is about the skills of the Oral Tradition. With contributions from over 20 top storytellers from around the world. 
So I wanted to depict some well known stories within the imagery. I have chosen twelve of my favourites that I hoped would suit.
The process I used was not my usual. I had already worked up a sketch and then a second for another piece of artwork which gave me the sense of what I wanted. I then decided to use Photoshop as my painting tool rather than Watercolour. This allowed me to work really large and develop and change imagery. It was about 70 hours to 'paint' with digital brushes!
This meant I can easily translate the final imagery into limited edition pictures. ​
early working Sketch.
As you can see I changed the final Digital artwork a fair bit for the cover
Below is the finished artwork for the Sketch 
Baboushka with the
basket got digitally  turned and repositioned for the Main Book Cover.
This type of work
is exciting but
different from
painting with
watercolour on
fabulous paper.​​​​​​