Paul Jackson ~ Oscar & Bertie
Teddy Bear Illustrations painted in gouacheā€‹.
Iā€‹n 1989 I began to paint a collection of illustration's that were to sell around the world~ending up on a very wide range of collectables from Tin's, plates and cards, to fabrics resins and wallpapers. In 1996 the range ended. So this is the first time they have seen the light of day. This years Christmas card is part of the revival of these pictures and the story they tell about Two very particular bears called Oscar & Bertie.  
Ā© Artwork, Sculptures and Stories Copyright Paul Jackson   
Book illustrator, storyteller, writer, Dragon       Creator and Member of the AOI

Bear delivery. With bertie driving, Oscar decided to watch the skaters on the ice while his niece~little Emmy looked up to see another snow storm was brewing.
Forgotten. Left behind in all the bustle.