love to draw with Pen and ink, adding washes and subtle effects, developing depth and creativity as I work on each piece. Many Illustrations take weeks and sometimes months to develop and I am at present creating a new collection of illustrations for sale next spring as Originals or as signed limited editions.
At present there are over 20 available for sale as signed editions, limited to between 10~500, depending on the image.
Every illustration comes
on cream
see below
    Mdrawings explore creative                      images and worlds within worlds, and              are inspired by mythology and                          my own written work. I am                                fascinated by blending                                      movement, form, expression                               and detail. Mostly I work                                    very small, though fifteen                                    years of creating sets for the                                theatre have helped me to                                    explore and see imagery                                     in a clearer way.

              Main Influences; Arthur Rackham
               Richard Dadd, W Heath Robinson,
             Edmund Dulac, Maxfield Parrish 
             and M.C Escher.             
Illustration to scale
Limited edition prints
   Studio & Visions
The Dream                    

                                         ​​The Journey  
Village on the Hill
All these illustrations are numbered, signed and dated. Each piece of           artwork is £45. They come  mounted on pale cream board and are                wrapped for protection. Please allow £5 for Postage and Packing
  All work is copyrighted To
                                           Paul Jackson