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  Paul has been storytelling since 1993 and been a               professional artist for 40 years.    
He works in education and as a performer. From teaching storytelling techniques for Teachers and those looking to explore the Oral tradition, all the way down through the Key Stages..from 18~3years old.

​​He tells stories from many different cultures. From simple African folk tales to hour long Siberian epics and Russian wonder tales. Paul sometimes works in collaboration with other artists. As a Book illustrator and Sculptor in Porcelain~Paul brings a unique approach to storytelling
As with all storytellers, Paul has developed his own very personal style of telling. Sometimes he will make you jump with shock, while at others he will quietly transport you to that 'Elsewhere' of story. He blends music into many of the tales, using the soothing sounds of his African harp, the humour of the mouth harp or sometimes the mystery of the Tibetan singing bowl. These instruments give both a flavour of the culture and a sense of place.