love to paint and draw with Watercolour or Pen and ink, adding washes and subtle effects, developing depth and creativity as I work on each piece. As you will see from this example, shape and form are subtly created through areas of wash and ink overlay.
​Many Illustrations take weeks and sometimes months to develop and I am at present creating a new collection of illustrations for sale for 2015 as
Originals  These illustrations are for new books being worked on over the winter of 2014/15. Launch June 2016
Limited edition prints
   Studio & Visions
The Dream                     The Journey  
Village on the Hill
All these illustrations are numbered, signed and dated. Each piece of           artwork is £55. They come  mounted on pale cream board and are                wrapped for protection. Please allow £5 for Postage and Packing. 
  All work is copyrighted To
                                           Paul Jackson
        Aelfwyn watercolour
           book Illustration​
              June 2016 Launch
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