Oct 30th 2020~ With so many changes in our world, with some of us returning to different forms of confinement we each find ourselves trying to make sense of the days and weeks ahead as Christmas approaches.. Like everyone else I find it has woken me up to all I miss, friends, family, stories, interaction and so on. Yet nature remains the same~ beautiful, abundant and on this autumn day~full of life.


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Please note that all storytelling will only be on line while we are all in Lockdown. I wish you well this Easter.
Stay safe.





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Paul Jackson
I was asked to create an illustration about grandparents and grandchildren who are denied access to one another. This situation is unbelievably unfair and I had to consider for some period of time before I realised the way to portray this would be to create a narrative of moments that leads to hope, for without hope, we are all lost. 
Here is a link to the Bristol Grandparents Support Group where you can see the illustration and read the full narrative of the piece.​ CLICK ON LINK BELOW;