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Porcelain Sculptures of Elsewhere
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The Hidden Destiny.
​​Books are £20 inc Map of Elsewhere (A3)​
Larger format availabe to purchase.



​​Here different levels of membership are available which are set on three Tier's;
Tier One: £4 a month
level. You will receive
  • ​Every week: A free Audio chapter.  
  • Quarterly Newsletter​ about Elsewhere, the community and membership offers
  • Once a month: An uploaded Illustration from The Hidden Destiny 
Tier Two, £7 a month: BOAT OF EQUATIONS

This Tier will give you all the benefits of Tier 1 Plus
  • Get to meet a leading Character from The Hidden Destiny. Who are they?What's their back story? What inspired me to create them? Are they based on someone? How do I see their strengths and weaknesses. How do I want them to grow as the Plot unfolds? Some characters appear out of an evoling plot - General Grum is a good example of that. (see General Grum in the Character Collection)
  • Monthly Q & A'. This will be live and saved as a Podcast. Here I will be discussing all things Elsewhere.In the live Q & A you will also get the chance to ask questions about Elsewhere. From its inception to where it is now in Book 5
  • An Illustration from The Hidden Destiny. Each month I'm going to discus an an illustration from the book, sharing sketches and ideas and notes. You will be able download this illustration from that Library.
  • Each month I will be sharing pages from my Journals and Sketchbooks where ideas are starting to bubble up for Book 2 (The Uprising)

Tier Three​​​​: £14 a month The ALOOMA

  • ​​Here in this magical place, you will get all the Benefits of Tier One and Two, Plus:
  • Magical Objects: There are a number of very important magical objects in Elsewhere. Each month I will focus on one, starting with The Magnetronicas in December. In doing this, it will encourage me to draw them for you and show you how they work and what they are capable of.
  • The Unknown stories Beneath the narrative of the Books there are many intriguing stories and sub plots that really really fascinate me and that imagination of mine. I want to mine this vein of ideas because in there will exist quite little wonders that in them selves may become stories of their own. I hope you might agree.
  • Countries and Histories. Over the years I have written snippets of ideas about the types of people, elves, goblins and so on, that might live in the various Realms. Using Oral storytelling techniques I tend to find myself visualising these places, and I have often been very very surprised what comes out of entering a previously unknown landscape and seeing for myself what its like. So over the coming months and books I will each month share with you a country. I have already started this collection in the open section by talking about The Unifying King and the Sheep people of the vale. In January I will take you around the island of Humble and go and see Where the Merchant keeps his House of Dark Wonders. It could be very interesting.
  • Teaching the skills of being inside story. And then applying them to the experience of the writer and illustrator.
  • Access to my Procreate Library. Here in this Tier you can download 3 illustrations with 25% off any 3 illustrations that are printed at my Print shop store in London.
  • Monthly Conversations with and about the Gods of Elsewhere, and also interviews and viewings with Time and of course with his Sister, the Alooma !
  • Book Two~ The Uprising: Get exclusive access to the next book. I'm really excited to share!



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