The Yurt is a perfect place for storytelling.
With it's round interior, everyone inside becomes included and stories are enriched because of it.
Having stepped into a space that can be truly magical, no one leaves without a smile on their face.

It's fifteen feet across with a carpeted floor and walls decorated with colourful cloths from around the world.
It's a space soaked with stories, where mermaids search for the lost souls of sailors, Merlin raises the dragons of the Saxons, witches live in houses running around on chicken legs, and an old woman turns a polar bear into her son. In this space the world is created in as many ways as there are cultures and protagonists who fill the shadows with their adventures! 
The Yurt is alive with stories......

​​​​The Yurt can be used as part of an event, in a school or at a festival.
It is also a wonderful space for creating artwork at weekend events.

Storytelling with Yurt
£375 per day (£325 without)
Weekend £625  (£575 without)
3-day weekend £800 ( (750 without) 

Yurt hire price on application​​
​​​Reductions available for multiple bookings.