The Landscape & the Heart of Story
                                ​withPaul Jackson

Explorative and transformative 7-day Storytelling courses 
​in beautiful Tuscany.
Bookings for 2018 
​If you are interested in these workshops 
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Cost of the retreat: £525 for 7 days’ full board

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​​This seven day retreat offers an opportunity to carefully look at the experience between you and a story, and to explore the absolute Heart of that relationship.

The thread of the retreat is to bring out the challenges of the
story and help you to find the answers to those challenges. I use a set of “storytools”, that can help this story to be so familiar to you that it is almost as if it is your story. Then...having learnt how to use these tools you can then use them for every story you work with afterwards....

So what do I ask you to do?
To come to know and feel the emotions under the story. Firstly we step inside it; create the landscape, walk it, draw it. Know how big the castle is. Walk as the Heroine does. Feel the weight of the Giant’s Spear. Experience what it’s like to fly inside Baba Yaga’s flying pot, and so on. Once we get that far inside the emotional realm you will find, own and be able to share the Gold of your Story.
This is very much a hands-on retreat. It will be fun, illuminating and thrilling and quite possibly healing too. There are always unexpected moments, alive, unscripted and ultimately fulfilling...

There will be much to share, much to consider. Time will be put aside for reflection and consideration, and for writing and revisiting. Breaking stories down into their bare bones and then releasing them out again takes time but like breathing, is quite a natural process.

​​Each day will start with a centring exercise to bring us to our full awareness and help us to work both as a group and as individuals. Each day will also come to a close in a quiet returning to place.
We will have four full working days and a half day to reach a place of telling.

We have the rest of the time to relax and absorb. There will be time for exploring and an evening or two in the local bar.

Please note: although the retreat is aimed at those who have already had some storytelling experience, I would also like to welcome those who have little or no experience of performance but have a hunger to discover the power of story. Bring a story, traditional or personal to work with and let the rest unfold!

I have been a professional artist for 40 years and became very interested in Storytelling in 1993 through meeting Hugh Lupton. I started full-time storytelling at the end of that year and have attended many workshops since run by Hugh, Eric Maddern and Laura Simms . I began running my own workshops in 1997 and have continued to develop them ever since. Others who have influenced my approach are Alida Gersie, John Wright, Helen East and Frankie Armstrong.

            Tuscany...a place to dream and work with stories, explore the land and enjoy the journey​​