Sound Healing workshops 
​and story Workshops 


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Story Healing and sound workshop
with Tobias Kaye​​, Clare Jackson and Mike Bedford
27th and 28th April 2015
A chance to heal the inner story. Through story and sound, through the support from four experienced facilitators this magical and mythical ​​based workshop will take you the core of story. Your story. using sounding bowls, singing bowls and gongs.
Please contact Paul on the website email for further details.
Limited numbers available.​​

January  In Conjunction with Countryfile Magazine there was a one day workshop with Storytelling sessions atAssington Mill Suffolk.The Day was based around East Anglian Stories and looked at genre's of Folktale and Ghost story so prevalent in the region

Assington Mill This is the tenth year of this workshop.
One day workshop​. A chance to develop your self within story. You can choose to step right into story as well as begin or develop your story voice and technique. The choice is yours! During the day we will look into the basic skills of storytelling. Please be prepared to do as I like to run my workshops in a hands on way! With storytelling, its that moment of being the teller, walking into the place of story and describing the unfolding images that is the real magic, the absolute place of growth, both for the Tale itself and for the Teller.
I will look at protagonists, Archetypes, Voice, Sound. You will have the choice to continue to work on the story you chose on the first day or to look at another new or old favourite. Please follow links to book. Please see course content for beginners below.
​ Places limited ​please book early

West Dean College Sussex
Storytelling workshops for beginners. Set in the beautiful Sussex countryside, West Dean, like assington is a superb venue​ to find your story voice. please see below for further details on course content.

 2015. Here is a basic outline of how workshops are run. Though particular themes will change the focus and development areas of the sessions.

For the beginner and those with some storytelling experience

Outline of the One Day Beginners' Storytelling Workshop​
for those wishing to tell stories to children or to other adults

No experience necessary, bring nothing but yourself*! 
The day is made up of segments, stages, just like any story. It's a journey during which you will find gems to help you understand your own journey, and to discover how it is to tell stories.
Coffee and delicious lunch are provided 

Your story, my story, whose story?
This is a swapping of stories, nothing honed, just sharing ....

Tell me about this part is the enlargement, the discovery of the views of the narrator and their experiences along the narrative path. Simply put, you stop at any part of the journey of the story, take a look around you and explain what your imagination sees.
How clever are you? 
This is the Olympics for aspiring tellers and great fun!

They can have so many stories and they become all the  more tangible and malleable when you tell them.  

The Bones of the Story
Every story has its structure, the frame that holds it up. These are the bones. To fully understand a story we must identify what they are, why they are and how we individually interpret them. There are several ways to do this and we will explore them to find the one that suits you.

Emotional attachment
Having discovered what the bones are, slowly something important happens and we begin to have an emotional attachment to certain eliments within the structure of the story. This attachment is why we find ourselves attracted to tell certain stories, in particular ways, while other stories have perhaps less meaning for us.

Windows into the Story Here we step into the story landscape, and fill and enrich it. Our senses come into play and emotional learning takes a key role.

​Archetypes, Gestures, Movement, Sounds and Silence.
Every storyteller is different, which is part of the wonder and appeal of storytelling. There are a number of powerful tools that can be used. These come into play through understanding how the story presents itself to you, and how you want to shape it for your voice, your way of seeing. We will explore some of these tools.

My aim for this enjoyable and hands-on workshop is for you to leave at the end of the day with the tools and the skills to begin to tell stories. Exploring the way into story is an intriguing journey of discovery and can be great fun as well as enlightening.
Throughout your day we will use games and techniques used by professional Storytellers to ’find’ a story. These games are rewarding and often hilarious! 
There will be time to put some of what you have learnt into practice by telling a story to the rest of the group. This can be done in pairs or threes.
*If you have a story that you wish to work on please bring it along with you.

Weekend workshops for those with some experience are also available throughout the year at Assington Mill in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. These's workshops tend to engage on a deeper level and we use the surrounding countryside with its atmosphere to uncover the voice you have to offer your story skills.
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