1993 St Donet's five day beginners workshop for storytelling
1994 St Donet's five day workshop for experienced Storytellers
1995 St Donet's workshops working with The Archetypes
1996  Cricciath, North Wales six day workshop studing the Norse gods in                   mythology and telling their tales in performance
1997 The Holy Grail. A study of the grail story, with performance
1997-2001 and 2008 study and performances of the life of Boudica,                       Queen of the Iceni and her battles against Sautonus Paulinus 
1998 Cricciath -The Ularian cycle of stories six day workshop
1999 Cricciath -The Mask of the Gods six day workshop on the  role of animal totems for the storyteller

from the year 2000-2016 Paul regularly has worked in between 50-80 primary and secondary schools each year. Many on second, third and forth visits. many on recommendation​.
2000 The Edge Story Festival; Irish stories and lecture on the use                              of archetypal masks in North American and Siberian cultures 
2002 Stories of Matthew Hopkins - witch finder general 
2003/04 Tour of the Green Man in East Anglia 
2006 Stories and tales of the environment East Anglia
2008 Cambridge Story Festival
2010 "Rages and Fires of the Heart" Tour
2010 "The Gods of the Inuits" Stories from the Arctic tribes Tour
2000-2012.   1 day Storytelling workshops for beginners and two day                         workshops for those with telling experience, working with                                   movement, understanding of archetypes, study of metaphors and the             use and  power of the voice.
2012 Maria. The Story of the Hidden boat of the broads.​
2012 Boudica: The Legends of the Icini Queen.  
2012 Linton Children's book festival. From Baba yaga to​​ Akanidi
          Stories are recreated in the old Yurt​.
2013 One day storytelling workshops for beginners ​
2013 Boudica The legends of the Iceni ​Queen  cambridgeshire
2013 Maria The Story of the hidden Boat of the Broads​ 
2014 Holkham Book festival with the writer & illustrator Jackie Morris​
2014 Linton Book Festival. Stories from the Yurt. Sell-out event ​
2014 West Dean-June One Day storytelling workshops.​
2014 Assington Mill July One day storytelling workshop.,​
2014 Family Learning days May-November. The development of Listening            and telling skills with parents within the school environment .
2014 The King and His Son. Performance Bristol​
2015  The King and his Son. Performance date TBC​
2015  Wortham Primary Development of storytelling skills
2015  Write a story for 'NELSONS JOURNEY '​​ A Charity who work with                   families dealing with 
terminal illness. The story would be given to a
​          series of schools to find endings and conclusions for themselves
2015  Holkham Story Festival
2015  The Dragons of Norwich June 21st-Sept 5th Dragon trail
2015  Weekend Sound Healing Workshop in Devon with Tobias Kaye.​​​

          A major new workshop to deal with personal stories on a
​          mythological  level using Sounding Bowls​

2016 January 'Shine' weekend. With Tom Fortes Mayer. ​Shape shifting                   week end to bring joy and positivity of sharing through                                  guided meditation, dance, music and Story.
2016  ​March 2nd Weekend Sound Healing Workshop in Devon with
         ​Tobias Kaye.​​, creator of the magical 'Sounding bowl'

         A major new workshop to deal with personal stories. To help you to                become the heroine or hero of your own story.
​         On the level of the mythological journey using High vibrational                        instruments like Sounding Bowls​, Kora, and Tibetan singing bowls.
2016  March Holkham Story Festival.​ Stories in the Yurt for all the family in            the beautiful location of Holkham estate.
2016  May Linton Book Festival Linton Suffolk. This lovely festival is full of               brilliant writers and where there are writers there should be stories                 told.Magical Stories in the Yurt​ each day
2016  Illustrated book written by Rosie Anderson​

2016  May Moon And Hare Storytelling festival;​ Cambridgeshire 
2o16  Launch of W. Heath Robinson Museum Pinner​

2016  Holt Book Festival Norfolk
2016  East Anglian Storytelling festival​

2016  Glastonbury Festival
2016  Into the Wild Festival
2016 Completed 1st Book of Elsewhere​

2017  Bishop Stortford Festival of words   March​ ​
2017  Dolphin School Book festival  (Reading, Berkshire) May
2017  Holt Literary ​​Festival  July 
2017  Chair of the  Society ​for Storytelling (from May ~till 2020)
2017  East Anglian Storytelling Festival​     June
2017 ​ W.Heath Robinson Museum Mechanical inventions in card August
2017 Completed 2nd Book of Elsewhere​

2018  ​Linton Book Festival
2018  Illustrated Book: ​'The Lost Key Written by Rosie Andersen
2018  Major public works of Art  Proffessor hare and his Magic Library
2018  First SfS Tour of all the major story festivals during the summer
2018  Launch of my Illustrated book; Beginners guide to storytelling
2018  Major public works of art: Holly Hare
2018  month long Tour ​​
​​​of China Oct~Nov
2017~2022  Chair of the Society for Storytelling.​

2019 Completed 3rd book Of Elsewhere
2020 ~2021 Writing
2022 Completed 4th book of Elsewhere​ ​
2022 Working With Norfolk Libraries with Norfolk Vision
2022 Started You Tube channel
2022 Completed ​​​​3rd Illustrated Book With Rosie Andersen 

Most recent projects with schools
2018 Oct Nov 19 International Schools in China ​

January. 2016. Norfolk.
Development of story, the way in to story through frames, protagonists and illustration.​
2015 April. Ardon Grove. Project working alongside the Artist~Jessica Perry who designed 'Story sticks with KS1 children who had heard 'Pinoncita' A folktale from Peru. ​

2015 June Norwich
Development of Dragons in Folklore and Local lore. Story led~children were encouraged to draw, imagine and create their own dragons. Working in a variety of materials. ​​


November 2014  Bristol. THE KING AND HIS SON
Having written a story for a Group called 'Grandparents apart' I worked with a local school -St Bonaventures to develop three songs and a piece of dramatic interlude within the narrative path. This was then performed in front of a large audience to much success. the story covers in Mythical  terms many of the devices and archetypes associated with broken families​, suffering from lack of communication, contact and resolution. The issues inherent for both the grandchildren and Grandparents are often not there fault and are usually caused by the breakdown of marriage and relationship. these situations can last for years and in some cases life times as families splinter and become divided. The King and his Son, as a telling attempts to resolve some of these issues, while others cannot be resolved. 

​May-November. 2014  Aylsham high school Cluster group. Family Learning days in 9 schools who act as a feeder to the High school. A ten year plan to encourage family values and practice within the education system and to help refind where missing core skills such as listening and speaking skills. Group and family activities and The development of storytelling skills to help encourage the imagination and imaginative writing as well as the edevelopment through partnership with another creative artist (jessica Perry) to make story sticks which they could use to help understand the narrative path of stories heard and then retell within class groups and at home. The Parent attendence for the later sessions was very high. Particually the last venue- Bure Valley School Aylsham. 
May 2013  North Walsham Junior School:

Brief:   To take a class Yr 5 into the landscape of story and using storytelling techniques, help them find the language, images and the emotion of the story. To then retell, rediscover and uncover its secrets.​​​
May      Aldborough Primary School  Norfolk
Brief; To tell stories in a wooded area of the school  and promote it as a dedicated story telling area for future years. Families, guests and children from all Key Stages. Stories and creation tales told in 5 sessions to groups of 50-75 adults and children per session.
June   Multi cultural days Norfolk and Lincolnshire
Set in four different primary schools and working alongside a number of practitioners, including African drummers, Chinese dragon dancers, Indian singers and dancers. 
Brief; To tell world stories throughout the day. Using multicultural instruments 
numbers of children between 1000 and 1500 per day
July   Martham Primary & Sure Start Storytelling and Mask-making Day
Brief; to combine stories and mask-making for thirty KS 1 and 2 children and parents in a 3 hour session. 
July   Arctic Museum of Exploration and Arctic Tribes, Cambridge.
Brief; to tell Inuit stories to mixed audiences from 12yr's old upwards.
Most Inuit stories are bleak, dark and foreboding. I combined folklore and creation tales and mythological stories.