Wherever there are people
     ​ there are stories​

  In the house, in the home
    ​ beside the fire​, words that are spoken can remind us of another time when we used to rest
​    and share​ and find beautiful
             ​ stories​ that uplift, surprise                         and inspire​
Over many years I have had the pleasure to tell stories in the warmth of peoples homes.
Here people and their friends have gathered around as stories are shared.

These evenings often remind us all of a time before the internet and the television. Time seems to stand still. Quietness fills the room. Nothing matters except the old tale being told.
The listening in comfy chairs, the crackle of a winter fire, a moment of wonder in a story.

People say things such as;

" I felt so relaxed"
       " the story held me for an hour"
                   "it was just so lovely and calm,
                                 "I wish I had him here every night"​​
Stories are told from Europe and Russia, Siberia and the America's. From the  ancient civilisations ​of Greece, to the wisdom' tales of Africa and India.
I use a range of ancient instruments to embellish the moment
yet simplify the telling. The African harp, the Tibetan ​bowl, American cedar wood flute, the old Jews harp. All resonate and still the heart to listen as the story begins......

Evenings range from £150-£300
please contact me through the website email ​​​;
or phone 01692  409 036 /  0777 506  8886​​​