The Kingdoms of Elsewhere
The Hidden Destiny           Volume 1
© Artwork, Sculptures and Stories Copyright Paul Jackson

Rafia Baloobalus and the
​Ship that made clouds
Sketches and Histories
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Mother and Son

                            The Mother held her newly born son in her arms
                                         ‘There you are.’ She said
                                        As she softly kissed his face.
                                 ‘So, this is your destiny.’ She whispered.
        His eyes darted this way and that and back to hers as if he understood.
       ‘Yes, my son.’ she smiled. ‘This is the world you must try to save.’
She whispered a secret into his ear then.
               And after that she just looked at him and at nothing else,
  For he was the last thing she wanted to remember before she left this world.
                                     Then, her heart stopped beating
                                       And her eyes turned to glass.