Sculpting  in Clay,  Dragons and
       Expressions of the hand
Starting with a sketch, Paul will develop an idea on the page often writing notes or story
ideas as he works.
This particular piece, Fairie Counting Leaves, was left to harden so that a great deal of carving was done instead of applying clay areas, which is Paul's usual way of working. Either way, the sculpture is hollowed out to aid drying and prevent the clay being too thick to fire which causes it to blow up in the kiln. The piece is then "biscuit-fired" at either 900 degrees or "gloss-fired" at 1175 degrees. Then underglaze colours and then glazes are applied. After a firing of 1075 degrees the piece is decorated with lustres and precious metals such as9ct gold, silver and copper, and fired again at 780 degrees. 
Paul has been a sculpter in Clay since the mid 70's and has collectors from many countries. The work is very individual, very intensive both in detail and the application of colour, glaze and lustre. The work is often refered too as Illustrations in clay.
Many of the sculptures have stories that go with them.  An ongoing feature of this web site is to introduce the stories and the 'Elsewhere' world that inspire Paul and the many collectors of his work. 
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All-powerful Zeus


The Minator

Guenevere and
             Sir Lancelot

Elf  trees

          and the Sirens

Merlin and the Hawk

Themes:Mythology Traditional stories Dragons .
   Faerie worlds .  Wizards .  Elves of the green Kingdom . Faerie houses .  Castles .  Mermaids . Faerie villages .

Faerie counting leaves.
with silver lightning bolt
9ct gold leaves, cuff flowers
and dress decoration
© Artwork, Sculptures and Stories Copyright Paul Jackson