Mermaid…with pearls, made in Porcelain with 9ct Gold, Copper, and Lustres 
H​olding pearls​ with touches of Gold and wearing a gold necklace, Mother of Pearl shells and gold touched tail. The scarf has glaze over underglaze colours. The gold sea findings over her wrist and on her arm are all touched with gold, copper, green lustre and blue lustre.
Commissions like the mermaid here take between 6~9 months before completion. Each are fired three times.
1) at 1000 degrees. 2) 1250 degrees
3) The lustre firings are at 780 degrees​​

PRICES: £250~£350​​
if you want to know more about commissioning a piece please email me at:​
This shell is about 10mm long 
it forms the end of the scarf and follows the line of the  gold ridge.​
Commissions for mermaids range from only £250~£350