Illustration Gallery 2
              The Dream
  In the falling, the boy found himself caught between         the two worlds that lived outside of his door,                    beneath the clouds and above the sound.
           He was lost and the horrors found him.
The Nightmare is a very good example of my illustrating style. It was painted over aperiod of a year. I developed the ideas for the illustration through several pieces of prose and poetry.
I used 4'o and 5' o brushes, with watercolour and gauche for the foreground.

I have often wondered how close to the edge the Artist lives as their imagination sails at the centre of creativity. Perhaps its very close to the edge itself. Maybe the only anchor you have is when you are 'awake' with the rest of the world?
I am not sure of the answer and maybe that's the way it should be. 
Copyright Paul Jackson 2010