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Please note:

That from July 2022 I will be reducing my Storytelling to a much smaller group of projects and performances and will no longer generally visit schools. (Though of course you can always ask!)
Its a massive and heartfelt thankyou from me to all the children, teachers and TA's who over the years have made me SO welcome to their lovely schools.​

Since 1994 I have visited over 2500 schools in a period of 28 years and told over 50,000 stories! I have loved pretty much every minute of it and consider myself to be blessed to have had this aspect of my creative journey.
I am in the process of writing a series of fantasy books about a world I started drawing in 1977. ​I then spent from 1977~1994 making sculptures from that world. It was then I began my Storytelling career, and somewhere a long that narrative path, I began to learn how to play multicultural instruments…To be honest I was very slow in learning..
Being Dyslexic has advantages ~Storytelling for instance, but now 28 years after begining the storytelling, I am creating that series of fantasy adventures for a hoard of protagonists.
It involves creating maps, illustrations, histories for 29 countries in my world; finding adventures, obsticles to overcome and resolutions to find that are authentic to the books and their aim;
To spark the imaginations of others!

This autumn I will be starting a series of talks about this world as I now begin Book 5.
If your interested in a step into my world of Words, Illustrations and Sculptures please send me an email and I will put you on my list to let you know where I will be performing my talks.
Hopefully in the years to come I will be able to take these explorations of creativity into schools .

If you have an interesting project I certainly am interested in discussing it with you

my email is​​​​​​:​


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