Book Two in the Trilogy: 
​The Sweers of the Claw and the Iron City

It​s nearing the end of the world, The Stone of Destiny is shattered~The Master~key is lost, The Cups of light are all hidden, save for the 13th~ The Last Cup  and The Lord of the Shadows is seeking it but so are the Uprisers and it is now, at this moment in the passing of time~ that the Dragons begin to wake.....

It is announced in theChronicles of the Wind Hound​ that a seventh year Dragon has entered the Great Iron City, destroyed one of the great  pillars  of reverence  and has gone in search of 'The Hidden'. At the same time The 'Uprisers are in search of The Thraggleyarg who killed the boy with the Master~Key.
great Mystery is fast approaching a small hill where the Murderer of the boy is striking a bargain with the Lord of the Shadows whose armies are amassing to do battle with the Men of the Land of Iron.​
Time has run out, but is there is more to the moment than meets the eye...​

BLOG 2016 ` A Blog will be launched end of january 2017 @PaulJacksonisElsewhere.com
Plansfor the new year are starting to unfold. Two six foot tall dragons have been painted
A book illustrated and entitled
​The Songs of the Trees'​

​First exhibition in London since 1988. yes thats 27 years!

and more. 
Book one~

The Book of 'I'​​

August -NovemBer 2015~completed writing The Book of 'I' My first complited novel. 

​Its been an amazing, creative process and if nobody ever wants to read it I will still have experienced the most extraordinary journey.
Its taken 40 years to write and this part completed is the first of three Books or 'Journals.
The story is set in a time when hope has left the world and destiny has changed.​​

​Protagonists, scenarios, and landscapes have developed in a way that I could not ever have believed. On top of which, I am really enjoying a deeper layer of history discovery and map making!
The whole story  is set in a world aside from here and like 'self created' worlds​ like disc world and Middle earth~my world has its own rules, landscapes, kingdoms, time frames and Ages. There are histories and long since dead heroines and Hero's along with Gods and the Ancients.
New illustrations are coming along and will be for sale at the first Autumn exhi    

​by the way~
Being married is wonderful...​​